Education & Fitness Classes


One of most rewarding elements of working in this area is being able to empower women like yourself with knowledge about your body to help you manage this stage of your life.We offer complimentary pregnancy education classes for women of all stages of pregnancy that include information on preventing and managing back and pelvic pain, how to sleep comfortably, bladder and bowel health in pregnancy, pelvic floor muscles and signs of problems, safe exercise in pregnancy and relaxation. Please fill in a contact form for more information or bookings. If you are delivering your baby at Glengarry Private Hospital you can also take advantage of our Preparation for Birth classes with information on breathing, positioning, relaxation, massage, pelvic floor exercises and bladder and bowel health. We also run classes on the ward after baby is born covering early post natal care for perineums and caesareans, bladder, bowel, breast and back care, pelvic floor muscles and signs of problems, measure abdominal muscle separation and provide abdominal exercises and discuss safe and appropriate exercise in the post natal period. We, along with the midwives welcome first time mums at our Postnatal Reunion afternoon. This is another great opportunity for question time on anything physiotherapy related.


Exercising in water is the ideal way to keep fit in pregnancy. You can exercise freely and comfortably without impact on your joints and your belly getting in the way. Includes strengthening, toning, cardio fitness, stretching and relaxation. This is the perfect opportunity to meet other expectant mums


Our unique classes allow you to exercise at your own level from beginner to advanced. These classes vary from other postnatal fitness classes as they are tailored by women's health physios who truly understand that some exercises can damage your pelvic floor. We ensure you are exercising safely whilst improving your strength, tone and fitness using elements of fitball, Pilates, boxing and resistance and cardiovascular training. They are held in a private air conditioned area making it a very comfortable and non-threatening area to exercise safely that accommodates babies and toddlers too. Real class for real women


Never underestimate the joy of your little one's first smile and splash in the pool! These classes are the most beautiful bonding experience you will have with your baby. By singing nursery rhymes and encouraging baby's movement, your little one will become confident in water as well as improving their head and neck control and promoting their development. The Mum's Aqua class will help you regain your pre-pregnancy body whilst your baby watches on from their pram.